162 Ordnance Company

Soegel, Germany

(From Warner Talso) The 162nd Ord Co was activated at Sandia Base in May 59. It deployed to Soegel, Germany, in April 60. There was a call for WO volunteers to transfer to the 162nd, I suppose for in-country experience. Charlie Hubbard of the 28th Ord Co was one of the first WOs to transfer to the 162nd. He took his family and they lived on the economy with some support, like schools and commissary, from the British. Keep in mind that this was well outside the American zone and the U.S. military support structure for units in northern Germany was not yet in place. The 162nd was deactivated in June 92.

Marc L'Herault adds: 162nd Ordnance Co. Sogel, West Germany: I was there from '82 to 87. Great NCOs and Warrants. Jimmy Cox (CSM, Retired) and Mark Hole (CSM, Commandant, RSA NCO Academy) were two of the finest. It was part of the 552nd FA Group, also headquartered in Sogel. I got to know Ed Vasquez, Stan Elliot, Gary Swearengin, Jim Moeller, Bruce Catlett, Tommy Thompson, Brad Tracy, Forrest Bronson, Al Standiford, Danny Dunning, Gail Finklien (Supply Tech), John Thomas, John Stimpson, Jose Rosa-Garcia, and others. Noteworthy is a couple of PFCs named Ron and Lynn Binkowski. Ron was Jim Moeller's clerk and Lynn was on my 8-inch crew. They are both W-4s today. 162nd Commanders while I was there were MAJ John T. Jacobs, CPT Steven Schultz and CPT Carmine Largo. The 552nd was commanded by LTC Michael Cook, LTC Joseph Spielbauer and LTC Bert VanderClute. The memorable incidents were countless, but I'm afraid most of them were embarrassing to some. Bruce Catlett operated a snack bar out of the maintenance management office at the site. It was quite an operation and we suspected he was putting his kids through college on the profits. Bruce was gone one day when a couple dozen "flyboy" warrants showed up and wanted a snack. Bruce's reluctant clerks/fry cooks declared a 10 cent hotdog day and sold out of everything. The aviators were pleased, but Bruce went wild when he found out. That was the end of his operation. After he left we had his hotdog pot painted and stencilled and awarded it monthly to a deserving 55G or 260 for "technical incompetance".